Mary Greenwood, has been a yoga teacher for over 18 years, preceded by years of teaching all types of fitness classes, and working in the Corporate Health and Wellness setting in Golden, Co. She holds a Masters in Exercise Physiology and draws on that education and experience to offer a safe and effective yoga class.  Most recently Mary has earned her Master of Divinity, studying all things spiritual. She believes in the health of the whole person; body, mind, and spirit.  She feels that yoga is an age old system that is a safe, structured, and an enjoyable way, to develop a spiritual discipline. This results in awakening the subtle body toward deeper awareness and well being.  Mary is passionate about people reaching optimal health physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  She loves introducing yogic philosophy to her students, and believes in a non-dualistic realm of existence. She   believes in the power of generating peace within.  Mary did her Yoga Teacher Training and Certification at the Shambhava School of Yoga in Colorado, studying at each of the Colorado and Hawaii ashrams affiliated with the school. Since then she has done over 300 hours of additional training with various masters in Colorado, in the Hatha, Anusara, Power Vinyasa, Corepower, and Sri Daiva, methods of yoga. She is also trained by the Rocky Mountain Center for Ayurvedic Studies to teach yoga to cancer patients. Mary feels honored and privileged to be part of the yoga world wide community, and looks forward to guiding you toward deeper strength, power of mind, and peacefulness, all of which are the many gifts that a regular yoga practice can offer. Mary offers group classes at local studios, Gentle Yoga for Ageless Adults, Christ Centered Yoga, as well as private instruction. She believes coming to the yoga mat each day is a way to align with the highest source of energy and self.

Certified Yoga Instructor 

Mary Greenwood is a Registered Yoga Teacher with over 500 hours of training. Her 200 hr. training certification is with the Shambhava School of Yoga at Shoshoni, Colorado, and Kona, Hawaii., and additional hours with John Friend, and Boulder, Co. instructors. She has extensive experience working with adults of all ages, all levels of sickness and health, including those with the chronic challenges of heat disease, MS, and cancer. Mary is certified through the Rocky Mountain Ayurvedic Institute in Yoga Therapy for Cancer Patients. 

Mary has taught at Twin Farms Resort, in Barnard, VT. , Mighty Yoga, and the River Valley Club, in Hanover, NH ,Upper Valley Yoga in White River Junction, VT, as well as specialty classes at Harvest Hill , Kendal, both facilities in the Upper Valley of NH/VT. and offers private sessions.

In Colorado, Mary teaches at Nick’s Pro Fitness, Studio B, and Taspen’s Healing Center, in Evergreen, Co.

Please feel free to email Mary about private yoga, and meditation instruction.

She is also available to offer " Moving with Spirit" to Church communities, and specialty classes for Ageless Adults, the Senior population.

VINYASA,HATHA Gentle shanti-shanti, MOVING WITH SPIRIT,  (Christ Centered Movement),and Peaceful Warrior yoga

Mary's familiar and comfortable classes bring a blend of the many different styles of yoga that she loves, uniquely meeting students where they are at, to discover their own pathways within.

With experience teaching Vinyasa, Anusara,  Gentle, and Hatha yoga, Mary helps students connect their mind, body and soul. Mary offers a safe and inspirational class, with the goal of deepening and expanding the life journey of each student. She feels she has a special gift in the yoga community, as a bridge between Eastern and Western traditions, as she is comfortable flowing back and forth between both languages. 

She can offer her unique experience to church communities, to Christians, who may not be comfortable with the classical yoga terminology, in her “Moving With Spirit” class. She also enjoys challenging students to test the limits of their physical, and mental abilities to find not only peace, but POWER!!! , in her “Peaceful Warrior “class.


Yoga for ageless adults  

As so much of the population is aging, we see the same generation who led the fitness boom, the running revolution, and who care deeply about their health, searching for an outlet of mindful activity.

Mary looks forward to guiding ageless adults to maintain a high level of health and well-being through a gentler form of exercise, and to enjoy the benefits of peacefulness that comes with a regular yoga/fitness practice. She has ample experience offering Chair Yoga.